Edge Curriculum


Meets Sundays, from 6:00-7:30 pm in the Family Center

Edge 2016-2017

Spring Semester

The Church and Liturgical Seasons

Edge Night for 1/8

Pick Up Your Mat: A Night on Healing

Edge Night for 1/22

Represent: A Night on sacramentals

Edge Night for 1/29

Wild Things: A Night on True Freedom

Edge Night for 2/19

Cloudy With a Chance of Talent: A Night on Using Our Gifts

Edge Night for 2/26

One Body: A Night on Our Church

Edge Night for 3/12

More Than Luck: A Night on St. Patrick’s Day

Edge Night for 3/19

Desert Wanderer: A Night on Lent

Edge Night for 3/26 

The Triduum: A Night on Holy Week

Edge Night for 4/2

A New Hope: A Night on the Resurrection

Edge Night for 4/23

Seen and Unseen: A Night on the Visible and Invisible Parts of our Church

Edge Night for 4/30

Let Your Light Shine: End of Year Party

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